Dealing with Quebec’s public institutions can be complex and laborious. HATLEY understands how things get done in the province. We help our clients navigate the system so that they can attain their business goals. We mobilize every resource at our disposal to look after our clients’ interests. We only work on mandates we believe in, so our commitment to our clients is unwavering.

Realistic and pragmatic

A values-based firm

Founded in 2010, it was built to help foster private investment in Quebec and to create synergies between business and government.

In order to advance projects through the state’s bureaucratic maze, HATLEY offers a realistic and pragmatic approach designed in harmony with our client’s culture and specific challenges. Our services are available to organizations of all types, be they large multinationals, small businesses, charities, or non-profits

The HATLEY difference

HATLEY distinguishes itself from the competition through its values-based approach and by always putting its clients first. Every client has different needs. We recognize this by building our action plans from scratch in every situation. We rely on our experience in politics, government, the media and law, our knowledge of the Quebec business environment, and our ability to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes.
We pride ourselves on our ability to cut through the noise and analyse what is most important for our clients’ success.

Our social and community involvement

At HATLEY, we believe in the importance of social and community engagement. That’s why we give 5% of our annual profits to charities. Our involvement is both direct or indirect – in service or in donations – and focuses on causes that touch us and advance our beliefs and values. Reducing the school dropout rate is one of our top priorities.